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For CPs,TVs, iPads and Mobile phones

A Digital Slideshow - an alternative to an album

A digital Slideshow of your wedding instead of or in addition to a traditional album is a popular choice for couples who wish to share their wedding day with family and friends . These can be provided as Low-Res, HD or 4K on CDs, DVDs, or memory sticks and be viewed on PCs, TVs, iPads, mobile phones, YouTube or your website.

A 'dated' example is shown below.

Price examples...

Short single music track digital Slideshow on a DVD in a standard transparent plastic case starts at £30 (copies £8)

Multi-track slideshows in a luxury case start at £85 (copies £8 to £40 depending on presentation cases).

Multi-track synchronised slideshows using music of your choice start at £150 (copies £8 to £40 depending on presentation cases).

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