. . . . A Short History

At 3 years old I relised my parent’s fashion sense was firmly anchored in the 19th century.

Young boy in chair

I grew up playing a lot of sport, . . .

. . . mainly football, tennis, gymnastics, badminton and fencing (foil/epee not hedges). My league football and county tennis days are now over, however I still play several sessions of badminton each week to keep me fit and some social tennis whenever time and weather allows.

My passion for photography started at Brunel University, where I studied engineering. A university friend introduced me to photography and I fell in love. I started attending Fine Art and photography courses in my spare time and have been a slave to my passion ever since

Ed Gorochowski
Bit of a scruff at university, but did have some hair!

I worked as an operative . . .

. . . on finishing University, working for several local professional photographers until I had enough work coming in to start my own business. It was all film and darkroom work when I started, but having enjoyed time as a teenager painting in oils I welcomed the developments in digital photography, which has given me a similar level of freedom to be creative.

Less hair now, but still very popular!

Weddings  come  first . . . 

. . . but I also provide family portrait, commercial and event photographic services to businesses and the general public. These services are advertised under my general photography web site accessible via ‘Other Services’ under the ‘Various’ link.

No no no no, yes it is!

Enjoying Life and Work

I met and married my lovely and understanding wife Julie over 30 years ago and our two offspring (Thomas and Amy) have long since fled our nest. Having had so many happy years of marriage and the privilege of photographing literally hundreds of wedding has given me a very positive outlook on life in general.