Clients say . . . . .

. . . I’m friendly, approachable, accommodating, easy-going and have a reassuring manner which puts them and their guests at ease.

I never force my customers to have anything they do not need and this is reflected in the content structure of all my packages; beautiful digital images as the basic deliverable and clients are then free to request whatever additions they wish.


My experience . . .

. . . provides me with a generic guide as to ‘where and when’ I should be for the best pictures, nevertheless I am always delighted to take specific photographs requested by family and friends throughout day.

At some point in the day . . .

. . . you may wish to have some family photographs taken and this can be done quickly, efficiently and with a large slice of good humour to form part of the celebrations.

Getting close to the action.

As the wedding photographer I am there to record the day in pictures, but getting close to the action does not mean getting in the way. Using the appropriate equipment I can capture intimate moments without being intimate myself, capturing not only the main elements but also all the little things that make up the fabric of the day.

I’m often mistaken for one of the guests and get drawn into the wedding activities. I am regularly asked to help with button holes, advise on wedding protocol and on occasions have found myself making tea for family members who find themselves running behind schedule. Do I mind? Not at all, it gives me the opportunity to feel the excitement and have a front seat to all the action and emotions that form the foundation of great images.


I lose about four pounds in weight photographing an ‘all-day’ wedding.

It’s hard work physically and mentally, ensuring I am always ready for the next shot, that I have the correct vantage point, the optimum exposure and the best angle.

You would think having done this literally hundreds of times before it would become easy.

More predictable maybe, but never easy!

Every wedding is different and they all have a multitude of special moments and events, and with every one deserving its own place in the pictorial record of the day.

Bride & Groom
Bride and groom


I always recommend couples meet their shortlisted photographers before making a decision to book. They need to be sure he/she understands their requirements and are able to satisfy them in every respect.

I enjoy meeting clients. . .

. . . to talk about their wedding plans and I am always delighted to help them in any way I can (whether they intend to book me or not).

I make myself available. . .

. . . to meet couples not only during most week days but also evenings and weekends as this is often the only time clients have the time to talk. Meetings can be at my home office, a location of their choosing or if the distances are great via phone or Skype.

For clients booking a full day package. . .

. . .  I throw in a pre wedding shoot so we can get to know each other better.

Couple embracing
couple embracing

Some kind words………

“Ed you don’t fit in a box, you don’t need drones, fireworks or special tools; you got all the craft a photographer needs, an eye for capturing real life as it happens, our wedding photos are amazing xx”


Wedding Ceremony