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It’s about the images

How your photographs are kept, presented and viewed may be important, but secondary to the images themselves.  

Quality display and presentation products are all available, but my main focus is always on giving you a beautiful set of wedding images.
I can supply luxury albums, prints and other photographic related items as part of my packages. These can be requested and ordered at anytime before or after the wedding and I am always happy to give advice if you prefer to source or create your own.

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My wedding photography prices have to reflect a wide range of customer requirements and budgets. I can be asked to attend for a few hours or for the whole day, provide images on a USB stick or/and in a collection of luxury albums.

Most UK weddings fall between £500 to £2500 with a few below and above these figures depending on attendance time and ordered products.

My minimum deliverable on all packages is a set of individually edited and post processed images on a DVD or USB stick. Personal copyright to your images is also included as is a private web gallery so you, your family and your friends can view and order prints.

A vast array of related products such as albums, prints, display boxes, frames, canvases, picture shows and acrylic blocks can also be included as part of any package or ordered separately.

Please ask for a “Price Guide Sheet”, which provides examples of popular packages and prices.

If you only want minimal coverage or have a specific budget figure , then let me know. I will be glad to give you an exact price or outline what levels of services/packages are available to you.

Beautiful Images shine even brighter in beautiful albums

Clients wishing to have one or more albums are free to choose from whatever is currently available on the market from small budget coffee books to throw around the house to large lavish leather bound volumes designed to take your breath away.

Prices vary between £100 to £500 plus!

Couples are welcome to contribute to the design of their albums and I often discuss several trial versions with clients before agreeing on a specific layout.

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Hedgehog Photography Gift Vouchers are also popular and can be put onto a wedding gift list. This is an excellent way to reduce or offset your wedding expenditure and still get the best photographic coverage.

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